23 September 2016

September 23rd 2016

I have been at Bertrun E. Glavin now for about a month. I have felt an immediate sense of community within the school. I teach all day Wednesdays to serve as my practicum placement and I volunteer with the Breakfast Program on Friday mornings and continue to teach until lunch time.

I had the privilege of sitting in on a Reading Recovery meeting with both grade one teachers, the reading recovery instructor, the head of resource, and the principal. I learned the critical interview process of determining which students needed further development in terms of their reading and literacy skills. Sixteen students were interviewed for the four spots that have been financially funded by the government.

To remain unbiased, the students names were left out and substituted with a letter. We determined the four students that qualify for the program and reviewed the remaining students that did not qualify. The grade one teachers understood which students still need added help within the classroom.

This experience was rewarding and I felt a sense of community within the staff, they asked my opinion given the statistics of the students. This was one of my first encounters of being treated as an equal staff member with an opinion of value and merit.


** note: I will be taking part in the Reading Recovery sessions with the instructor and gaining a better understanding of how student learn literacy skills.

7 September 2016

September 7th 2016

First day of school jitters for the students and myself! I arrived at the school about an hour before the students were called to arrive. 8:40am rolled in quickly and we marched outside to meet the new students. A few of our students were feeling quite nervous and had their parents join the classroom for the first while. After the tears had concluded, we introduced the boys and girls to the classroom, their desks, their hooks, and their teachers!

Upon apprehension, I realized that I do enjoy grade one students. I anticipated feeling exhausted by their needs and frustrated by their lack of specialized curriculum however, I found myself enjoying their schedule and the concepts that were introduced. During my second year of practicum, I was placed at Donwood Elementary School in a grade five classroom with high risk demand students. My third year of education, I was placed at Arthur Day Middle School for practicum placement in a variety of grade seven and eight classes. B. E. Glavin will enable me to learn children psychology and different facets of elementary education.

We read a story entitled, Happy. The story includes pictures of fish and detailed characteristics of how the fish were feeling. We had the students draw their own fish and ask them to write down how they felt on the first day of school (happy, excited, nervous, scared, or tired). The children received "jitter juice" (7-Up and Grape Juice) as a reward for excellent listening and the juice was ordered to cure the first grade 'jitters'! (Photos to come!!!!!)

I came home after the first day of school feeling incredibly exhausted but bursting with stories to share of my first day. My family sat together around the dinner table and we traded stories and shared many laughs.

6 September 2016

September 6th 2016

TODAY was my very first professional development day. I am currently student teaching at Bertrun E. Glavin elementary school. I will be student teaching a grade one class of twenty students and working in the gymnasium teaching physical education.

I will be providing examples of my experiences in the classroom and my lecture endeavours to look back on and review learning initiatives. 

The staff at B. E. Glavin was incredibly welcoming and inviting. I arrived at the school for 8:15am and met, Principal Brian Locken and he directed me to classroom 1A where I met Gwen Relph and Dayna Kowalchuk (part-time grade one teachers). We introduced ourselves and they put me to work right away. They guided me to the library where the staff sat in table groups and we visited for the first ten minutes. The meetings dealt with recess duty, committee opportunities, and field trip options.  I signed up for guiding patrols, the volleyball club, and gym giants. I plan on attending all staff meetings, taking part in the A.A.A. Indigenous Studies club, and joining the B. E. Glavin curriculum committee. 

URIS arrived after lunch to instruct us how to use the EpiPen, inhalers, and other demands such a seizures, asthma, and importance of understanding anaphylaxis protocol.

I had the privilege of taking in a lot of information on the first day. B. E. Glavin has given me a wonderful first impression -- and tomorrow, the babes come to school!

1 September 2016

Faculty of Education: Year 4 Certification Student Teaching

          The University of Winnipeg integrated education program has furthered and fostered my love of teaching. Truthfully, I am not the university student that dreamed of becoming a teacher since they were five years old. However, I have had several social opportunities that nurtured my teaching abilities due to engagement with others, become self-aware and declaring a leadership role. I gradually developed leadership qualities from competing in organized sport. I played competitive volleyball for eight years and was named Manitoba Volleyball Association’s player of the year in 2009. I concluded my volleyball career in 2012 after being considered part of the “Top 7 Manitoba All-Star Team”. I was passionate about the game; however, I was more passionate about furthering my pursuit of secondary education and continuing my expertise in the form of coaching specialized sport.
My resume includes instructing several youth camps, coaching school teams, and coaching competitive club volleyball teams. I thrive in a team environment where individuals feel valued and appreciated for their abilities. Naturally, I have a close connection with athletic based programs. I chose to major in the field of Kinesiology where I learned about adapted physical activity, the importance of daily exercise, and balancing a lifestyle of athletic participation and the continuation of health initiatives.
I consider myself a creative minded individual that interacts efficiently in groups and strives for challenge and success. My philosophy is constantly being molded during these formative education years through research and experience. I am an individual that seeks a partnership sensation. From a teacher perspective, that suggests an individual who is loyal, will commit to tasks, meet specific deadlines, and continue researching curriculum standards and newfound learning initiatives. In the eyes of a student, it proposes having an adult that will strive for student success and continue to encourage their weaknesses and challenge their strengths to ultimately reach goal-oriented fulfillment.
            The University of Winnipeg has offered me several diverse student teaching experiences. I have been placed at McLeod Adult Learning Centre, Donwood Elementary School, Arthur Day Middle School, and currently Bertrun E. Glavin Elementary School.
            I have experienced several special moments as a student teacher, however, during my second year of education, I was placed at Donwood Elementary School in a grade five demanding high-risk classroom. The cooperating teacher exposed me to several learning opportunities that allowed me to gain new perspectives and appreciation for little victories. During the Christmas break, I travelled to Honolulu, Hawaii and purchased twenty-three t-shirts to bring home as gifts for my students. When I gifted the students a simple t-shirt, my heart was fulfilled with joy when several students had happy tears rolling down their cheek of sincere appreciation. It will forever be a memory that I will cherish and it taught me a valuable lesson on patience and creating an environment of trust. That particular teaching experience taught me that every child deserves a chance and I will be willing to challenge myself to reach the positive potential of my students.